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4 Laser cut gift ideas

July 23, 2020 Posted by:

Whether you are new to laser cutting or an expert you may struggle to think of quirky personalised gift ideas that you can either gift to family or friends. We have come up with a list of ideas to give you inspiration on what your next laser cut gift could be. 1. Clock – a bespoke clock is a great gift and you could show off your creative ability making one of these. You could be creative with the shape and material you use. 2. Coaster – although not the most exciting gift, coasters are practical and useful. You could personalise with the receiver’s name or an inspirational quote. 3....

What exactly is laser engraving?

April 05, 2020 Posted by:

Laser engraving is also known as laser etching. It’s becoming more popular in schools and small workplaces because the technology is more affordable. But what exactly is it? Well if you think about the most common types of engraving, such as adding names or dates to jewellery or trophies. It’s highly likely the majority of the etching you come across is fulfilled by machine. That’s what a laser engraving machine does. To create permanent marks, laser etching and engraving processes start with a beam of concentrated light energy. The beam targets a rather little area of the fabric, referred to as the focal point. This is where the precise ‘eye...

What are the most affordable lifting tools?

March 12, 2020 Posted by:

The lifting industry is huge here in the UK, and while there are many pieces online about the latest in cranes and hoists, there is little out there to describe the impact the smaller tools do on a daily basis. This article is dedicated to each and every one of those essential pieces of lifting equipment that often go unnoticed.  Drum Lifter Loaders  Drum Lifter Loaders are very important, meeting individual requirements with a focus on safety and handling during transport when it comes to the everyday use of plastic tanks, drums and barrels. From oil tanks to whiskey barrels, these must be manoeuvred safely and securely, especially considering the...

Top Reasons Why You Should Buy a Screw Compressor

January 26, 2020 Posted by:

Increasing profits means continually updating and improving current business operations. Investing in the latest technology may significantly increase efficiency metrics for various operational processes throughout your company. If you’re currently looking to increase revenue streams and profit margins, you should consider investing in new screw compressors. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider buying high-quality compressors for your company. Reduce Variable Expenses and Boost Profits Many older screw compressors are notorious for having high variable costs. These compressors contribute extensively to the total expenses of the financial statement when it comes time for the reporting season. In the past, many managers simply accepted these high costs...

Why You Should Consider Buying an Engraving Plasma Machine

December 21, 2019 Posted by:

If you’re looking to make a prudent and profitable investment, you should consider engraving plasma machines. If you wish to beat your competitors using innovative technology, then this machine is definitely the best choice for your company. You’ll notice that finding high-quality engraving machines that are not only affordable, but efficient, is much easier said than done. Thankfully, this machine ticks all the boxes when it comes to what you should expect from the best engraving products available. Competitive Pricing One of the best reasons to consider buying an engraving plasma machine is pricing. Certain types of engraving machines are notorious within the industry for having an unreasonably high price...