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Are there different types of laser cutting machines?

May 27, 2021 Posted by:

There are three main types of laser cutters within the manufacturing industry: moving material machines, flying optic machines, and hybrid configuration, but what is the difference? The laser remains static in a moving material machine whilst the material moves on a mobile surface located under the laser.  The advantage of this is that the laser and material are kept at a consistent distance apart. The fastest laser is the flying optic laser, where the laser moves whilst the material stays static. The laser can move on an x and y-axis; however, this causes differences in the length of the beam during the cutting process. A hybrid machine combines features of...

Things You Should Know About Designing for Laser Cutting

April 30, 2021 Posted by:

When you are first getting started in laser cutting or engraving, you will need to learn some of the basics, like how to make designs for cutting. Typically, CO2 laser cutters work in a way that is very similar to an inkjet printer, in the sense that you send it a design digitally and it recreates it. To better understand design types, you will need to understand the difference in raster images and vector images. Raster image is like a picture that is made up of tiny pixels and can be easily distorted if you try to resize it. Vector images will not distort no matter how much you resize...

Robotic vs Manual Plasma Cutter

April 20, 2021 Posted by:

Many people still debate on which plasma cutting method is the best (manual or robotic) and whether or not robotic plasma cutting will eventually take over all together. Plasma cutting is an incredibly useful process of cutting that is mainly used for cutting various thicknesses of metal. However, this method can be quite dangerous as plasma jets can reach temperatures of around 20,000 degrees Celsius. When it comes to power, there is no denying that the robotic cutters have the greatest ability, which means they are typically used for big jobs, such as construction and can reach the highest levels of heat generation. The main advantage of a manual plasma...

Aluminium Name Plates For Doors And Products – The Benefits

March 29, 2021 Posted by:

Aluminium Name Plates For Doors And Products – The Benefits Throughout the UK, you are going to see nameplates virtually everywhere. They’re used for a wide range of reasons. Often moulded in a rectangle, these will have writing on them that could identify items, places, or people. When they’re mounted, they tend to be permanently placed, designating a particular field. They’re completely different from name plaques that are much larger and will have a lot more info. Nameplates also can be created from a wide range of various materials such as plastic, wood, and metal. Allow me to share the reasons why aluminium nameplates are actually used for doors and...

5 Top Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers of 2021

March 04, 2021 Posted by:

Laser cutting machine developments and advancements have been incredibly rapid in the last few years due to modern science and technology. Laser cutting is one of the most efficient and high-quality cutting methods in the industry. Several new manufactures of large-scale laser cutting machines materialised in 2020, bringing with it a strong competition and flooding the market with a plethora of new brands. Top Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers 1. Han’s Laser- continues to be the most globally competitive brand in laser cutting machine equipment, since its inception in 1996. 2. Hglaser- is another strong brand that offers five distinct product lines that cover laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting, plasma...