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Tips on Choosing a Laser Level

October 25, 2020 Posted by:

A laser level is an excellent hands-free tool that enables you to work faster and more efficiently whilst ensuring accuracy. There are a variety of laser levels out there and some types of jobs or projects will require different ones. Before deciding which one is best for you, consider what type of projects you will be doing. Indoor project The best level suited for an indoor project is a multiple line laser for aligning kitchen cabinets or framing picture in a smaller, enclosed room. Or you can use a laser square for tiles and masonry. Outdoor project For uneven surfaces and/or for long distances, you will be better suited for...

Portable or static air compression tanks: What’s best?

July 11, 2018 Posted by:

Air compressors are mechanic devices that take in air and then compress and store it in a compressed form (meaning, it occupies less space than in its normal state). Air compressors are equipped with a tank that holds the compressed air inside. The tank is able to withstand all the pressure that the air applies inside it, but there are always signs that warn the user that damaging the tank can result in an accident. One major difference between the various types of air compressors is that some of them are oil-lubricated while some others are not. Another difference that can be seen among air compressors is that some of...

Creating a safe workplace with correct engraved signage

July 02, 2018 Posted by:

When it comes to a working environment, from offices, hospitals and construction sites, the most important aspect is safety. If a workplace is not safe, it puts everyone in the area at risk and could cause serious injuries or even fatalities. There are many ways to help improve the safety of a workplace, and that’s why we have outlined a few to guide you through the process: Risk assessment- Risk assessments should be carried out regularly, assessing any potential problems, new machinery, and job roles of each individual. Action plans must be in place to avoid any issues occurring in the workplace. It is important that you identify any hazards...

All you need to know about investing in a laser cutting machines for your new business

December 31, 2017 Posted by:

A laser cutting system is an essential tool for sheet metal shops that specialise in detailed cuts on a variety of different metals and thicknesses. If properly utilised, a laser cutting system can increase the accuracy, speed and quality of the results. In addition to these benefits, using this level of technology can increase the variety and specialisation of the products, templates or prototypes you create. Versatility: From stainless steel to aluminum, titanium to wood, different materials require different techniques for cutting and forming. A desktop laser cutter posses the ability to handle a wide range of materials at varying degrees of thickness will allow you to take on many...

Laser Machines: Why regular training sessions are so important

November 28, 2017 Posted by:

No matter how many members of staff you have at your place of work, those who are using the laser machine should be trained as often as possible. These devices are very easy to handle when you know what you’re doing, but with software constantly being updated, maintenance work required and so many potential health and safety issues, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We recommend you hold training sessions every month so your team know how to use the machines, look after them, maintain them and of course keep themselves safe at the same time. These machines are incredibly dangerous and there have been some horror stores about...