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Laser Machines: Why regular training sessions are so important

November 28, 2017 Posted by:

No matter how many members of staff you have at your place of work, those who are using the laser machine should be trained as often as possible. These devices are very easy to handle when you know what you’re doing, but with software constantly being updated, maintenance work required and so many potential health and safety issues, it’s better to be safe than sorry. We recommend you hold training sessions every month so your team know how to use the machines, look after them, maintain them and of course keep themselves safe at the same time. These machines are incredibly dangerous and there have been some horror stores about...

Maintenance and cleaning for your laser cutting machine

October 22, 2017 Posted by:

While laser cutting machines can be a great investment for many businesses, helping with production timings and saving money, you must always take into consideration the maintenance a laser cutting machine requires. Laser cutting machines will, like all machines require a general maintenance check every year and serviced every 6 months to one year. Cleaning your laser cutting machine is quite a simple process if done correctly. The daily cleaning shouldn’t take any longer than 15 minutes, and general cleaning once a week. The general cleaning includes clearing any debris, so depending on the materials used and the production amount will determine how often you will need to do a...

How a Laser is Created

August 16, 2017 Posted by:

Lasers are widely used in manufacturing and fabrication. They are an extremely effective way of cutting, marking and measuring. But how are these laser beams created? To create a laser, the energy level of atoms need to be raised to an excited state. This allows them to release light as they fall back to their original ground state. Once a beam of light is generated, it is then amplified to produce a focal point. It’s at this focal point that the laser cuts or marks the surface of a material. As the atoms move, they create a weak light. As more energy is added this light becomes more and more...

What Is Laser Cutting And Why Is It Used?

June 30, 2017 Posted by:

Laser cutting is precise method of cutting a design from a given material. This can be done using laser optics and CNC, these are used to direct a laser beam. The laser beam is then directed at a material which vaporises it, it can also be blown away by a jet of gas. This process leaves a clean edge with a high-quality surface finish. Laser cutting is often used because of it’s unique advantages when compared to other methods of cutting. For example, laser cutting is considered to be easier than using a mechanical cutting machine, this is thanks to the use of CAD (computer aided design) machines that automate...

Using Laser Safety Glasses and Goggles

April 28, 2017 Posted by:

Safety glasses and goggles are used in medical, military, research and education as well as industrial fields. They are crucial for the safe operation of a laser tool, safeguarding the users eyes from various hazardous effects that lasers can produce. Laser safety glasses and goggles should be manufactured to provide the highest level of protection for eyes and skin. This often means investing in certified products and avoiding the cheaper, mass-produced types. High quality glasses and goggles will be able to provide protection from the hazardous reflected or scattered high powered laser light (radiation). This includes Class 3R, Class 3B and Class 4 laser systems. When buying Laser safety glasses and goggles...