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How a Laser is Created

August 16, 2017 Posted by:

Lasers are widely used in manufacturing and fabrication. They are an extremely effective way of cutting, marking and measuring. But how are these laser beams created? To create a laser, the energy level of atoms need to be raised to an excited state. This allows them to release light as they fall back to their original ground state. Once a beam of light is generated, it is then amplified to produce a focal point. It’s at this focal point that the laser cuts or marks the surface of a material. As the atoms move, they create a weak light. As more energy is added this light becomes more and more...

What Is Laser Cutting And Why Is It Used?

June 30, 2017 Posted by:

Laser cutting is precise method of cutting a design from a given material. This can be done using laser optics and CNC, these are used to direct a laser beam. The laser beam is then directed at a material which vaporises it, it can also be blown away by a jet of gas. This process leaves a clean edge with a high-quality surface finish. Laser cutting is often used because of it’s unique advantages when compared to other methods of cutting. For example, laser cutting is considered to be easier than using a mechanical cutting machine, this is thanks to the use of CAD (computer aided design) machines that automate...

Laser Engraving Techniques For Wood

March 12, 2017 Posted by:

A common application for laser tools is in cutting and engraving wood. Plywood, MDF, soft or hard wood, as well as numerous other types of wood can be engraved using laser cutting tools. It’s a quick and effective method of creating professional quality wooden items, that is widely used by fabricators. Lasers are used for cutting and engraving wood because they leave a high quality clean finish and because of their ease of use. Laser engravers are used in conjunction with graphics programs. These allow a design to be created digitally first then sent to the cutting machine for production. Lasers also allow for very precise geometries to be engraved. To engrave at...

CNC Laser Cutting Techniques

February 21, 2017 Posted by:

There are many different techniques that can be utilised when laser cutting. In order to ensure materials are cut to a high standard it may be necessary to make use of various methods to see which works effectively. When cutting with a CNC laser, a common technique is to move the cutting head over the metal plate in the shape of the desired part. This allows the part to be cut cleanly out of the pate in one piece.  A capacitive height contol system can also be used, this will maintain a very accurate distance between the end of the laser nozzle and the plate that is being cut. Maintaining a precise...

What Is Lazer Cutting And Why Is It Beneficial

January 20, 2017 Posted by:

Lazer cutting is a manufacturing process which is used commonly on engineering, production and fabrication jobs. The process can eliminate the need for machining on many different jobs, allowing faster production times and a more efficient manufacturing process overall. Lazer cutting is often compared to plasma cutting as they are relatively similar processes, however lazer cutting offers several advantages. For instance lazer cutting is more precise and uses less energy when cutting durable materials such as steel and aluminium sheets. Lazer cutting is also becoming more advanced, offering the ability to cut through ever more thicker materials. The precision and quality of cut that can be achieved with a lazer is of...