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July 02, 2018

Creating a safe workplace with correct engraved signage

When it comes to a working environment, from offices, hospitals and construction sites, the most important aspect is safety. If a workplace is not safe, it puts everyone in the area at risk and could cause serious injuries or even fatalities.

There are many ways to help improve the safety of a workplace, and that’s why we have outlined a few to guide you through the process:

Risk assessment- Risk assessments should be carried out regularly, assessing any potential problems, new machinery, and job roles of each individual. Action plans must be in place to avoid any issues occurring in the workplace. It is important that you identify any hazards and take steps to eliminate or minimise the risk of these.

Staff training-  There is no point in assessing the workplace, identifying issues and letting employees that have no training enter the area. All staff members must undertake correct training regarding the safety of the environment they will be in, and also complete additional training specific to their role if necessary, such as use of certain machinery, hazardous products or lifting loads for example.

Signage- Displaying the correct signage across the workplace is one of the most important parts of creating awareness in a workplace. The signs work as a constant reminder to others that the area they are entering contains particular hazards or risks. The great thing about Traffolyte engraving is that they can produce signage in a variety of different colours, perfect for different warnings, such as chemical warnings, danger and fire signs, exit signs and general signage. Traffolyte is multi-layered plastics that allow accurate engraving to be done, exposing the next layer of plastic, thus allowing different colour writing to background on the engraved sign.  Displaying these signs in your workplace is extremely important and can definitely help reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace. Traffolyte signage is easy to display and is light yet durable, great for all types of working environments.

Reporting- It is important to report any accidents, including near misses on a clear record system. This allows you to review your workplace and understand areas that need further improvement. Areas that may need further improvement may require additional training, more unplanned spot checks within the area, and clear action plans put in place if there is non-compliance of certain individuals.

Whilst this is only a guide to ways you can improve the safety of your workplace, it is important to follow all compulsory health and safety regulations applicable to your work environment. Safety in the workplace is the most important thing, and should always be taken seriously. There are always people that can support you in your workplace, and external teams that can provide you with additional training if required. It is always beneficial to remember that communication is the best tool, and meeting regularly with employees, whether that’s one to one or group meetings, it’s a great way to update your team, and also listen to any issues they may have too.