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An insight into Cutting machines

Cutting Machines

There are many different types of cutting machines used today but three of the most commonly used cutting machines are plasma, laser and water jet. Each cutting machine has its own benefits and its own disadvantages so it’s important to choose a machine that not only suits a business’s requirements but best helps them in the processes.

Laser cutting machines

These are widely used in various industries and the fact is they’re becoming more and more affordable. Some individuals will even opt to have one for home purposes and you can decide between various different system sizes. Laser Cutting machines do have some disadvantages though depending on the type of material being cut. There is a heat affected zone on some kinds of materials when it is cut with a laser, and this can cause poisonous fumes so it’s important to fully understand your requirements before you decide on a laser cutting system.

Water Jet Cutting Machines

Water Jet cutting machines tend to be associated with more detailed cuts. They can often operate more smoothly around curved bends than plasma cutters or laser cutters, but one of the main benefits is the fact that there is no heat affected zone. You can cut steel or aluminium and have a clear design without any burned edges. Clamping is minimal too, and this is because water jet pressure is forced downward so it essentially forces the material down to the table, which is extremely beneficial in manufacturing circumstances.

Plasma Cutting

This is a type of cutting that’s specifically designed for cutting steel and other kinds of metals. The plasma torch has inert gas blown out of its nozzle and some of that gas is turned to plasma as an electrical arc is formed around the gas. This essentially means that the metal being cut is not merely being cut, it’s being melted and it’s then blown away from the ‘cut’. These cutting machines are tough and they certainly require a great deal of experience and knowledge before using them on a continual basis. You can get an incredible amount of accuracy with plasma cutters but it must be said it requires a great deal of experience to get the desired cut each and every time.

Many different businesses shave to decide between these three cutting machines but you should not make a decision until you know exactly what you’re going to be cutting. You can then choose the type of machine whilst specifying the size you require. With so many different systems out there on the market it can be difficult to understand each of the benefits and but it’s vital that you gain an understanding otherwise you could lose out on a significant amount of money and waste time replacing the system once it has been set-up.