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July 11, 2018

Portable or static air compression tanks: What’s best?

Air compressors are mechanic devices that take in air and then compress and store it in a compressed form (meaning, it occupies less space than in its normal state). Air compressors are equipped with a tank that holds the compressed air inside. The tank is able to withstand all the pressure that the air applies inside it, but there are always signs that warn the user that damaging the tank can result in an accident.

One major difference between the various types of air compressors is that some of them are oil-lubricated while some others are not. Another difference that can be seen among air compressors is that some of them are stationary (meaning they are static or unmovable), while some others are designed from scratch to be portable. Common air compressors are not used for industrial purposes, and they occupy the same volume as a medium-sized table. This type of compressor usually comes with built-in wheels in order to be more portable.

Similar to electric compressors, air compressors equip users with the capacity to utilise pneumatic tools at their work or at their home. The work is done effectively and instantly with both these very capable compressors. Yet, there are some evident differences between the two if one is thoroughly considering which compressor to be purchased.

Following are some pros and cons of portable and static air compression tanks:

  • A Portable air compressor is like the other compressors. It contains a place to join air pipe/hose, has a gauge and valve to check and control the volume of pressure working in the tank and a tank for keeping the compressed air inside it. This demonstrates the advantage of utilizing a gas air compressor that there is nothing new or particularly trouble in utilizing it. Along these lines, if one has been utilizing an electric one preceding to changing to an air compressor is simple.

The disadvantages of using a Static air compressor include the requirement of gasoline to power the compressor.

  • Gas is exceedingly flammable, is smelly and costly. The general population required on the site need to take extreme caution with the high amount of fuel present. In any case, these cons can be secured by keeping a reliable container for fuel storage. Additionally, the transfer of gas to the compressor ought to be done through funnel and cloth or rag should be kept clean any pointless spills. In this way, a static compressor has more ups than downs and it’s an unquestionable requirement when one requires work accomplished without the utilization of power.
  • Static air compressors mechanically decrease the volume of a gas which in turn puts it under more pressure. They have many applications such as industrial, in the auto industries.

Two-stage compressors are generally more reliable but portable ones can obviously be much more practical, especially where electricity is not available.


There are many manufacturers catering to the portable air compressor market who also make a static compressor. Whichever air compressor tanks suit you best, you are sure to find the best deals by searching online for the make and model you are interested in.