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March 11, 2019

The pros and cons of metal nameplates and signs

Perhaps the biggest advantage of metal nameplates is that they are durable and resistant to various environmental factors. There are several types made of aluminium, brass or steel and each has its strengths as well as weaknesses.

Once aluminium is coated with anode layer, logos, texts and signs can be protected from chemicals, rays of sun or other weather conditions for several years. Also aluminium nameplates tend to be much lighter than steel or brass ones and is possible to bend aluminium plates to give them the necessary shape, which can be another bonus. As for brass, it is very resistant to corrosion and demonstrates elegant style of the brand. However, of the three, steel nameplates are designed for the toughest conditions and additionally they have resistance to chemical influences or mechanical damage.

What is more, metal nameplates can also be used for branding purposes and for passively advertising company products. This is another area that has been revealing the potentials of metal nameplates or tags. Plenty of businesses take advantage of this by producing small metal tags for their products, which look like small souvenirs. They also have the company name and brand. Moreover, there is every likelihood that unique metal tags can be used for other purposes such as key rings or as a bag accessory. In any case it serves for the company by making the brand more familiar to customers.

The other side of coin is, however, metal can be very heavy and too bulky to carry that might result in extra costs for transporting and installation. This is the prime reason why many businesses are still sceptical about applying this material for plates and tags. As metal is not also a perfect solution, in several cases it may endure oxidation, so there are bound to be related extra costs for applying anode layer, acrylic or lacquer coat to add to the qualities of metal.

So whether you’re looking to add a metal nameplate to an office door, an innovative product or a highly durable shipping container, you’ll now know that it’s essential to choose a material that will meet your needs, and deliver the durability and quality finish you’re looking for. Metal nameplates may seem like a small and simple purchase, but we recommend you do your homework before making an investment, ensuring you choose a manufacturer or retailer who has a reputation for delivering the very best quality. Whether you opt to have your nameplate painted, anodised or engraved, it’s vital to ensure the lettering or graphics is clear to see, whether that’s a product code, your brand identity or a barcode, so the more thought you put into the process of buying a nameplate or sign, the better. As you may have guessed, our firm favourite is aluminium because it’s strong, light and durable, whilst very fairly priced, with plenty of manufacturers right here in the UK.