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October 25, 2020

Tips on Choosing a Laser Level

A laser level is an excellent hands-free tool that enables you to work faster and more efficiently whilst ensuring accuracy. There are a variety of laser levels out there and some types of jobs or projects will require different ones. Before deciding which one is best for you, consider what type of projects you will be doing.

Indoor project

The best level suited for an indoor project is a multiple line laser for aligning kitchen cabinets or framing picture in a smaller, enclosed room. Or you can use a laser square for tiles and masonry.

Outdoor project

For uneven surfaces and/or for long distances, you will be better suited for a rotary and line laser with a pulse/detector feature.

Large or small

To understand what laser qualifications you will need, consider the room size or distance the laser needs to travel as laser levels with a low rotations per min (RPM are bright and visible but do not travel far. The higher the RPM, the further it will travel, but the fainter it will be.