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March 12, 2020

What are the most affordable lifting tools?

The lifting industry is huge here in the UK, and while there are many pieces online about the latest in cranes and hoists, there is little out there to describe the impact the smaller tools do on a daily basis. This article is dedicated to each and every one of those essential pieces of lifting equipment that often go unnoticed. 

Drum Lifter Loaders 

Drum Lifter Loaders are very important, meeting individual requirements with a focus on safety and handling during transport when it comes to the everyday use of plastic tanks, drums and barrels. From oil tanks to whiskey barrels, these must be manoeuvred safely and securely, especially considering the often harmful substances inside. 

Drum lifters with a good chassis and hydraulic ram grip are highly popular, and they can be used to shift plastic drums in various sizes, by using automatically closing drum clamps. A drum lifter loader makes lifting and transporting drums easier, and therefore the adjustable drum clamps grip drums safely. The width of the chassis makes it possible to pick up drums at the rear, so transporting your drums is a whole lot easier. Usually, a gas spring ensures that the drum is picked up and placed down without jerky movements. The drum is locked and held safely using three position points and a double locking device. These devices are incredibly important in the lifting trad,e and though relatively inexpensive, they can serve a very pivotal purpose for many workplaces. 

Pallet trucks / Scissor Lift Table Trucks

The most basic pallet truck is cheap, simple and probably not the most durable, though lifting capacities do vary. But that said, it may not be the flashiest tool you have to hand, but it may be one of the most important. With no particular operating license needed, the hand pallet truck is operated manually. Simple in terms of design, they are frequently fitted with brakes for ultimate safety and may transport tonnes of materials from one point to a different with consummate ease. 

By placing the 2 prongs of the fork underneath the load and using the jack to boost them off the ground, the products or components you need to lift can then be easily steered to their destination and lowered with no difficulty. Hand pallet trucks are perfect for transport and distribution companies, but you’ll also see many logistics teams using them when making deliveries. 

Manual stacker

If you don’t have a great deal of space in your warehouse or factory, a manual stacker should be top of the shopping list. They are mainly considered as a less expensive alternative to a forklift truck and are great to be used in size-restricted areas or loading bays. Again these require no training or special certificates to work – they’re comfortable to operate, safe, reliable and cheap. You’ll find many of these and the other tools we’ve spoken about online, where you can learn more about the different pros and cons, as well as exploring the price ranges.