Laser Plotter

An insight into Cutting machines

April 05, 2020

What exactly is laser engraving?

Laser engraving is also known as laser etching. It’s becoming more popular in schools and small workplaces because the technology is more affordable. But what exactly is it?

Well if you think about the most common types of engraving, such as adding names or dates to jewellery or trophies. It’s highly likely the majority of the etching you come across is fulfilled by machine. That’s what a laser engraving machine does. To create permanent marks, laser etching and engraving processes start with a beam of concentrated light energy.

The beam targets a rather little area of the fabric, referred to as the focal point. This is where the precise ‘eye of the needle’ etching comes into play. The heat generated by the beam’s energy allows the laser machine to change the material’s surface, while the focus ensures it affects only a specified part of the surface.

The result’s a smooth, high-contrast, lasting mark, which is easily etched or engraved into the part’s surface. In the laser etching process, this mark will reach a depth of about 0.0001 inches. within the laser engraving process, the mark depth is usually up to 0.005 inches.